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Ace High Pinball

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Manufacturing date : unknown
Manufacturer : Premier Technology
Number of players : 4
Theme : Playing Cards
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Unique pinball features

Easter Eggs: In the '90s, game designers -- especially those of Williams Electronics -- often put hidden, reoccurring images or references in their games, similar to how Easter eggs are placed in video games and other PC software. For example, Williams' designers often hid cows in the video displays of the games, and Pat Lawlor often had a red button in the artwork of games he developed. The methods used to find the hidden items usually involved pressing the flipper buttons in a certain order or during certain events. Designers also included hidden messages or in-jokes; one example of this is the phrase "DOHO" sometimes seen quickly displayed on the dot matrix displays, a reference to Doris Ho, the wife of then-Williams display artist Scott Slomiany [AKA Scott Matrix]. (DOHO has also taken on the meaning of a Documented Occurance of a Hidden Object due to the history of the Dorris Ho explanation not being generally known until recently.) The game Star Trek:The Next Generation went so far as to embed a hidden Breakout-like game available only after a complex sequence of events was accomplished during the game.
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